Surrogacy Contract Preparation and Negotiation


Surrogacy arrangements are complex.  We make sure you understand what to expect at each step of the process and that you are comfortable with the plan for establishing legal parentage in your home state.  

​Our goal is to streamline and simplify the legal aspects of the gestational carrier process.

The first step is scheduling an initial, confidential consultation.



Initial Consultation

We assist all types of intended parents, including:

  • single individuals, 
  • heterosexual couples, and 
  • same-sex couples.
  • During  your initial consultation, we will review your match, the anticipated  legal process for establishing parentage and your expectations for your  surrogacy contract.
  • We  know that every surrogacy arrangement is unique.  We take the time to  understand your concerns and are here to discuss your individual  circumstances.

Call us at 201-749-7848 to schedule your initial, confidential consultation!


Close the deal


Drafting and Negotiating Surrogacy Contracts

Our drafting and negotiating services for surrogacy contracts include the following:*

  • Address process of establishing legal parentage of your child and any cooperation needed from your gestational carrier;
  • Address compensation schedule for your gestational carrier;
  • Address reimbursements to your gestational carrier, including lost wages, medical expenses, childcare expenses, etc.;
  • Address communication during and after the pregnancy;
  • Address making medical decisions during the pregnancy;
  • Address delivery location and plan, including selection of obstetrician and hospital;
  • Negotiate the surrogacy contract with your gestational carrier's attorney;
  • Assist, if needed, in reviewing insurance options for your gestational carrier;
  • Assist, if needed, in locating an escrow agent for management of the surrogacy escrow account;
  • Assist in finalizing parental rights once you bring your baby home.

*Every  surrogacy contract preparation and negotiation is unique.  The list  provided here is only a summary of common issues addressed in surrogacy  contract drafting and negotiation and is not intended to be a  comprehensive list of all services provided.  The services provided to  you will depend on your personal circumstances.