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Second-Parent Adoption Attorney in Union City, Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ Area

Gay and Lesbian Parents

For all parents, it is important to ensure both of your parental rights are fully protected. We specialize in providing comprehensive services for second parent adoption, catering to the needs of straight heterosexual couples, gay couples, single parents now married, as well as assisting in terminating the rights of absent parents to facilitate step parent adoption for the well-being of the child or children involved.
Even though you may both be on your child's birth certificate, a second parent adoption ensures that your parental rights will be legally recognized in all states. Having both of your names on your child's birth certificate does NOT replace having a Final Judgment of Adoption that declares you both to be the legal parents of your child.‚Äč
If you're looking for a second parent adoption attorney to help you through your adoption process, contact our attorney at Stephanie A. Sgambati, PC today. We serve Union City, Jersey City, Hoboken, NJ and surrounding areas.