Second Parent Adoptions



​For gay and lesbian parents, it is important to ensure both of your parental rights are fully protected.  

Even  though you may both be on your child's birth certificate, a second  parent adoption ensures that your parental rights will be  legally recognized in all states.  Having both of your names on your  child's birth certificate does NOT replace having a Final Judgment of  Adoption that declares you both to be the legal parents of your child.​



The second parent adoption process varies by county in New Jersey.  

In  general, it does require a background check and may require a home  study.  We will assist with locating a licensed adoption agency  to prepare the report for the court to confirm that the second parent  adoption is in the "best interest of the child," which is the standard  courts use in making determinations regarding children.  An appearance  in court will be required, but the second parent adoption process is  generally much simpler than an adoption that involves a termination of  parental rights.

Finalizing your second parent adoption.

A  second parent adoption occurs after the birth of your child. When the  second parent adoption is complete, the court will issue a Final  Judgement of Adoption.

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