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Real Estate Attorney in Union City, Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ

Buying or selling your home is a big life event and can result in complicated contractual issues. You need an experienced attorney on your team to ensure your interests are protected. Our real estate attorney based in Hoboken, NJ and serving Jersey City & Union City is here to help you.

What Happens after Signing the Real Estate Contract?

We will talk about what issues and concerns need to be addressed in your contract rider. We will guide you through negotiating inspection issues and ensure everything is on track for your target closing date. We will ensure all contingencies are satisfied, review title documents and prepare closing documents.

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Every sale or purchase has unique concerns and circumstances. We can help ensure that your contract protects your interests and addresses the relevant issues. We guide you through the entire process, coordinating all the required elements to get from contract to closing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be attending the closing?

Buyers typically do attend the closing, especially if there are loan documents to sign. Sellers generally do not attend the closing and sign their documents in advance.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance is issued after a review of the chain of ownership and liens on the property. A title insurance policy ensures that you are buying a "clear title." If you are getting a mortgage, your mortgage company will require title insurance.

Can you help if my home is in foreclosure?

Absolutely. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances in more detail and we can work with you towards a solution that makes sense for you.

What are sellers' typical expenses?

Sellers generally pay their broker's fee (a percentage negotiated at the time of listing), their attorney's fee, the Real Estate Transfer fee (based on the sale price), and some document recording fees.

What are typical expenses beyond the purchase price?

Buyers generally pay their attorney's fees, various bank fees associated with initiating a mortgage, title search, and insurance fees, closing services fees, funding of escrow with taxes and possibly homeowner's insurance premiums, reimbursement of any prepaid taxes, and some document recording fees.

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