Assisted Reproductive Technology Litigation



Assisted Reproductive  Technologies ("ART") have expanded family building opportunities  significantly, for single individuals, gay couples and heterosexual  couples.

ART  has also raised novel issues of law.  Stephanie is uniquely qualified  to assist in ART litigation matters because of her experience as a  litigator and expertise in the infertility industry.  

If  you believe you may have an ART litigation matter, please contact  Stephanie at 201-749-7848 or via email at to  discuss your case.



Below are some examples of issues that can arise related to ART:

  • Expanded  posthumous reproduction, access to death benefits for posthumously born  children and the impact of posthumously born children in estate  planning​
  • Post-birth parentage determinations for children born of ART, including custody and support determinations
  • ​Parental leave policy evaluations and negotiations for parents via surrogacy
  • Screening failures for donors or gestational carriers
  • ​Disclosure, confidentiality and anonymity issues
  • Post-divorce use or disposition of embryos created during the marriage​
  • Lost or destroyed embryos or gametes

These are just some examples of ART-related litigation.  Please contact us at 201-749-7848 to discuss your individual circumstances.