Egg, Sperm and Embryo Donation Agreements


These  agreements generally set forth the legal rights, responsibilities and  obligations of both donors and recipients within the context of egg,  sperm or embryo donation.

​​Anonymous Egg or Sperm Donation Agreements:

These agreements generally address the following issues:*

  • Confidentiality of the parties;
  • ​The child's access to identifying or non-identifying information about the donor when they reach adulthood;
  • ​Parental rights;
  • Disclosure of medical information​;
  • ​Compensation and reimbursement; and
  • Possibility of medical complications and related insurance and/or compensation.

Known Egg or Sperm Donation Agreements:
These  agreements generally address the same issues as anonymous egg or sperm  donation agreements,* but with particular attention to:

  • Parental rights and the intent of all parties regarding ongoing contact with and disclosure to the child; and
  • Both the donor and the recipient will need their own counsel in negotiating a known donor agreement.

Embryo Donation Agreements:

These agreements involve the legal transfer of embryos from one party to another.  They generally address the  physical transfer of embryos, parental rights and  anonymity/disclosure.*  We can assist in connecting you with an agency  to locate available, donated embryos.  We can also assist in  facilitating the physical transfer of embryos to your clinic. 

*Every  egg, sperm and embryo donation agreement is unique and drafted to  specifically address your circumstances and concerns.  This list  provided here of commonly addressed issues is not exhaustive and is  meant only as  a summary.